Only 1 day left and matching contributions!

If you’ve been hanging on, waiting to see if we needed your contribution, now is the time!  There is only 1 day left.  The campaign ends at midnight Pacific Time on Friday, November 22.  A donor has committed to matching all donations until our goal is met.  That means, if you contribute $25, $50 will actually go toward the campaign.  Go to HumanisticPaganism’s Indiegogo campaign to contribute!

About the campaign:  Help HumanisticPaganism place an add at The Wild Hunt, the primary online destination for news relating to and of interest to contemporary Pagans.  HumanisticPaganism is piggybacking on The Wild Hunt’s Fall Funding Drive.  The Wild Hunt is offering to place a graphical underwriting ad on the main page of for the first 20 people to contribute $500.  An ad at The Wild Hunt would greatly increase the visibility of HumanisticPaganism and draw more people to our community.  If we reach our $538 goal ($500 + $38 Indiegogo fees), we will contribute $500 to The Wild Hunt and receive a graphical underwriting ad on the main page of  (If we don’t reach our goal, your contribution will be refunded.)  Any contribution over $10 will get you a shout out at HumanisticPaganism (unless you prefer to remain anonymous).  Any contribution over $25 will get you a link to the website or blog of your choice.

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