What kind of Humanistic Pagan are you?

Winterviews will be back next Sunday.  Meanwhile, as you nurse your New Years’ hangover, here’s a little fun.  Try this personality quiz made just for you!

Click the image to go to the quiz.

Bacchus, by Caravaggio


What did you find out?  Share your results in the comments!

I’d be especially interested to hear what mythological figures call to you, quite apart from this lighthearted quiz.  What pantheons appeal to you most – Norse, Gaelic, Egyptian, Mesopotamian?  Are you called more to mother figures?  Father figures?  Heroes?  Wanderers?

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15 Comments on “What kind of Humanistic Pagan are you?

  1. Kewl Kwiz.

    I’m Dionysian apparently, but I think I already knew that.

    Best wishes to all the humano-paganos for the new year.

  2. The Orphic – A born storyteller and artist, you love to sing the songs of myth. Science provides you with your craft, whether it be music, poetry, or basket-weaving. Meanwhile, mythology grants you vision: you see myths play out their eternal stories through people.

    Your patron deity is Orpheus, the singer whose song could charm living things, stones, and even the gods of the underworld.

    • I got the same thing, The Orphic description seemed pretty accurate to me (aside from the pantheon being off from my interests — most interested in Woden, myself).

  3. The quix returned: “Child of Psyche”

    “Ever reflective, you look within in search of self-knowledge and insight. Science, especially psychology, provides valuable clues to the mind’s functioning, and myth offers symbols that speak to its depths.

    “Your patron deity is Psyche, the personification of the mind, whose love for Eros led her on a difficult but profound journey of self-discovery.”

    This fits me. I am a Jungian, naturalistic neopagan.

    As far as gods, I honor a quintuple god and goddess with light and dark aspects drawn from Robert Graves. (Did you know Graves described a quintuple Goddess as well as a triple Goddess.) These god aspects correspond to these five life-events: Birth, Initiation, Consummation, Repose, Death. Graves refers to the Goddess “in her ancient quintuple person” and identifies multiple five different aspects of the goddess: mother, maiden, nymph/bride, hag/crone, layer-out. Each of these corresponds to a male aspect, and each male and female aspect also has its own light and dark aspects for a total of 20.

    See http://www.americanneopaganism.com/pantheon.htm#457634702

    But the aspects that have had the most influence on my are the Mother/Son and the Oak King/Holly King.

  4. I’m a Secular Outsider too, apparently. Pretty accurate, but not nearly as fun as getting a “name”.

  5. What are all the types? I love typologies. I see Dionysian, Orphic, Child of Psyche, and Secular Outsider. Are there others?

    • I think there’s a feature on the quiz somewhere that shows you all the possible results. Let’s see, there’s Dionysian, Promethean, Orphic, Child of Psyche, Favored of Athena, Secular Outsider, and Theistic Outsider.

      I came up with these divisions in a relatively off-the-cuff way, somewhat tongue-in-cheek. But I’d be interested to hear what other kinds people might come up with, what other deities might fit with different personality styles, or maybe using other pantheons.

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  7. The first time I took the quiz I got The Promethean, and took it a second time because of the difficulty of choosing between a few options, and got The Secular Outsider. So I suppose I am a bit in between the two. Good quiz. I wonder how it would of looked if other pantheons were involved. Like how Ryan mentioned that he feels more drawn toward Woden.

      • That is a toughy! I would incorporate as many as possible, and try to emphasis the general flavor of each pantheon. Like the hard and cold directness of the Norse pantheons, The vigorous feel from the Egyptian pantheons, The flair and extravagance of the Greek pantheon, and the calculated and thorough evaluations of the Roman pantheon. I realize that this is very much oversimplifying the many complexities and uniqueness of each deity of myth, this is just my attempt at a possible way of including a variety of pantheons.

        It might be better to just have the same quiz done completely with a different pantheon each time. *shrugs*

  8. Ha, took it a third time and got The Favored of Athena! *Always liked Athena*

    Your questions are tough for me! The most difficult being the one on auras. As I’ve had a first hand experience of this twice I figured it would be easy to answer because I could just click what I literally did answer. But I did three of them!

    “Ask for a vivid description of what the colors of the auras are like.”

    I started asking about what colour each object was, how bright, or how it behaved or other images, what each meant, and so on.

    “Ask what your aura looks like right now, and take the response as a creative aid to personal insight.”

    They didn’t want to tell me saying that that was a bit of a personal thing, but willingly told me about the auras of other non-human things and tried to show me. Couldn’t say I saw anything myself.

    “Listen to the life story of this interesting, if eccentric, person.”

    I had asked how they came about seeing auras.

    Things like this have always fascinated me. The same person had carved a spiral around my drum stick for my hand drum (It almost flew out of my hand in a couple of sweats, so the spiral created a great grip) and we talked extensively of her seeing UFO’s, spirits and especially the history and stories of the residential schools (she is the carver of a statue in commemoration to be placed in front of the last residential school to be closed in Canada). It was quite fun even though I don’t believe these things for myself, it was obviously as real as can be for this person and respectively treated it as such. Besides, I had so many questions that needed satisfying. ^_^

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