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Bacchus by Caravaggio

Winterviews will be interrupted by a brief interlude to let you catch your breath after the New Years’ celebrations.

Instead, we’ve got a bit of fun coming your way. You know those quizzes that tell your lover type, or which Star Wars character you are?  Well, we’ve got one just for you!

What kind of Humanistic Pagan are you? – a personality quiz

Appearing Sunday, January 1, 2012

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Chris Stedman

Wh-what?!  Atheist-interfaith?  That’s right.  Chris Stedman, author of Nonprophet Status, is part of a new generation of atheists reaching out to a wider community.

Atheist-interfaith activism: An interview with Chris Stedman

Appearing Sunday, January 8, 2012

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Mystery, not miracle, by Chet Raymo

A poetry of Place: An interview with Glenys Livingstone of PaGaian

Saving the marriage of science and religion, by B. T. Newberg

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