Naturalistic Paganism


No-Nonsense Ritual: What ritual really does

We don’t use ritual to turn the Wheel of the Year outside of us. But we can use ritual to turn the Wheel inside of us. As the seasons change, we do ritual to acknowledge the change and to prepare ourselves emotionally and mentally for the change.

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No-Nonsense Paganism: One pagan’s calendar

This is my own working pagan calendar.

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Starstuff, Contemplating by Jon Cleland Host: “Treasures Hidden in Plain Sight”

It’s so easy to take this for granted – we’re used to it as a normal part of life. But consider what it would be like to describe the “seasons” to an otherwise similar person who lived on an otherwise similar planet with little or no axial tilt. It might go something like this.

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The Wheel of the Year for one Naturalistic Pagan, by Renee B.

I prefer to call it Naturalistic Paganism, but you can’t very well run from the fact that it’s basis is in atheism for me. This blog will be about day to day Naturalistic Paganism according to how it fits in…

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