Naturalistic Paganism


Ritual – why bother? by Jake Diebolt

This week we have something new: a “challenge” piece.  Jake airs many concerns common among those who question naturalistic ritual.  He says: “While it may reflect a dissenting opinion on HP, I feel it could be valuable as a point…

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Encounters with the Goddess? by Thomas Schenk

image by Steven Kenny, used with permission When Thomas shared this story in the comments section of Halstead’s article Re-godding the archetypes, it was intended to portray one man’s experience of an archetype in action.  Yet it was also larger…

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Of consequence and wonder: Exploring the “why’s” of Humanistic Paganism, by C Luke Mula

photo by B. T. Newberg This week, C Luke Mula challenges us to take a deeper look at the fundamentals.  Why are we doing this?  What do we hope to get out of it?  Through a careful critique of the…

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The archetypes are gods: Re-godding the archetypes, by John Halstead

As Neopagan discourse moves increasingly in the direction of radical polytheism, those Humanistic or Naturalistic Neopagans who find this position rationally untenable may find themselves (more) marginalized in the Neopagan community. The pendulum which previously swung to the humanistic extreme by reducing the gods to symbols is now swinging to the other extreme of transcendental theism, denying that the gods are part of the human psyche. Jung’s theory of archetypes offers us an opportunity to create a golden mean between these two extremes, one which may simultaneously satisfy the humanist or naturalist who sees the gods as products of the human psyche, while also satisfying the mystical longing for contact with a numimous Other which is greater than any creation of our conscious mind.

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Ten years after 9/11: World politics is an existential condition

image enhanced from original by Bird Eye – by B. T. Newberg Ten years after 9/11, what place has politics in your spirituality?  Are you doing rituals outside your state capitol?  Or do you separate politics from your spirituality?  Or…

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