Naturalistic Paganism


What does naturalism mean to you?

Thing on Thursday #3 Akk!  Sheesh.  This Thing on Thursday has become a Thing on Friday.  Sorry for the delay.  Work obligations got the better of me.  But better late than never.  Join us for this week’s belated council. One…

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Symbols in the sky

image enhanced from original, and posted under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license – by B. T. Newberg I double-checked my suit pocket: yes, the rings were there.  Everything was ready.  I just had to take the trash out before…

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The mystery of being, by Thomas Schenk

photo by B. T. Newberg This week we dive into the matter of spirit and the spirit of matter in this reflection by Thomas Schenk. In his book, “The Mystery of Being,” Gabriel Marcel writes: “For in speculation and reflection…

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How the universe speaks to me, by Ryan Spellman

photo: Sunwheel, by Ryan Spellman This week, Ryan Spellman shares the story of his journey toward a naturalistic spirituality. A personal narrative of how I got to where I am Throughout my life I have gone through several phases of…

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