Naturalistic Paganism


An interview with HP’s founder, B. T. Newberg

“The most encouraging part for me is when I think how many might never have met each other if not for the site. They might have been in a place like I was – just crossing their fingers that they weren’t alone – but now there’s a sense of community.”

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You can support HumanisticPaganism and The Wild Hunt at the same time!

Our Goal:  To place an add for HP on the main page of The Wild Hunt. What we need:  $538 What you can do:  Go to HP’s Indiegogo campaign. Help HumanisticPaganism place an add at The Wild Hunt, the primary…

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Looking back, Looking forward, by John Halstead

Officially, my job as managing editor does not start until next Sunday, but I’m very excited, and I wanted to give you a preview of what’s to come. Looking back But before I do, I want to look back briefly….

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