Naturalistic Paganism

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Why do ritual?

There is no single practice for Naturalistic Pagans. The religious practices of some Naturalistic Pagans may be outwardly indistinguishable from other Pagans, including prayers and offerings to “gods” and working “magic”, while other Naturalistic Pagans may not use theistic symbolism in ritual. Naturalistic Pagans…

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Religion without deity?

Naturalistic Pagans may be atheists, pantheists, or even animists. Not all Naturalistic Pagans use theistic language, but some do. The use of “god language” by non-theists can be confusing. Some feel that we should “say what we mean” and avoid…

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Something bigger than ourselves?

Many Naturalistic Pagans use ritual and meditative practices to connect to something greater than themselves. Theists and atheists alike may wonder how this is possible, since Naturalistic Pagans do not believe in deities or spirits. But there are other things…

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