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How I finally “got” ritual: A dialogue with DT Strain and B. T. Newberg, part 2

Today, we begin our late spring theme, Practice, with DT Strain, director of the Spiritual Naturalist Society, who shares how he learned to “get” ritual as a naturalist, and he asks B. T. to share his understanding in turn. Click above…

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Even naturalists don’t stay in the grave, by DT Strain

If persons are patterns, then patterns repeat. Through their actions and interactions in life, people are like the butterfly that can affect the course of a hurricane. Our loved ones create causes and effects which ripple outward in uncountable and unimaginable ways that cannot be contained. Just one of those ways is in their impressions upon us, which recreate similar patterns in our minds through communication and our deep knowledge of them. Thus, it is true our loved ones are not in the grave. We, quite literally, carry a part of them within us, and so on to others. If that is so then, in many important ways they did not die.

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The Spiritual Naturalist Society: An interview with DT Strain

This week Humanist minister  DT Strain gives us the inside scoop on a new organization forming for Spiritual Naturalists. B. T. Newberg:  First off, what is the SNS, and why should readers of Humanistic Paganism care? DT Strain:  The Spiritual…

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