Naturalistic Paganism


Magic in the 22nd century, by Drew Jacob

This week we hear from Drew Jacob, author of Walk Like a God, and proprietor of altmagic. This article will not convince you that magic is real. I practice the art of magic. I define magic as using ritual or…

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The Spiritual Naturalist Society: An interview with DT Strain

This week Humanist minister  DT Strain gives us the inside scoop on a new organization forming for Spiritual Naturalists. B. T. Newberg:  First off, what is the SNS, and why should readers of Humanistic Paganism care? DT Strain:  The Spiritual…

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A review of Loyal Rue’s “Religion Is Not About God”

– by B. T. Newberg “If religion is not about God, then what on earth is it about (for heaven’s sake)?” asks Loyal Rue at the beginning of his groundbreaking book, Religion Is Not About God. His answer: “It is…

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