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“Plants as Aliens”, by Brock Haussamen

Plants are so familiar to us that we don’t see them very well. We look at them and think about them according mostly to how we use them—for food and beauty. To shift our perspective, I’ll look at plants as if they were strangers from another planet, as plant-aliens. Making them weirder may make them more vivid.

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“The Democracy of Living Things”, by Brock Haussamen

It’s very easy to feel that as human beings we enjoy a privileged position among living things. We are at the top of the “brain chain” and it can make us complacent. So, perhaps because it’s an election season, I’ve…

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“Spirituality From Science” by Brock Haussamen

In today’s debates about religion, many are looking for an overlap or a compromise between science and their beliefs in a transcendent God. But science itself, understood vividly and taken to heart, offers its own spiritual opportunities.

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“Stephen Hawking, Cosmology, and Spirituality” by Brock Haussamen

Science, always pushing the limits of  knowledge, remains comprehensible to an educated audience as long they can visualize the new theories. But over time this cosmology-spirituality gap is probably slowly closing. Scientific facts and theories that were unknown or controversial a few decades ago seem to be working their way into the religious mindset gradually. Twenty years ago I would never have thought that the longevity of life over 3.8 billion years would mean much to me, but now it is central to my appreciation of life. Who knows? Perhaps my grandson will grow up to feel that string theory is his key to making sense of the world.

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“The Death of Everything” by Brock Haussamen

Editor’s note: This essay was originally published at Brock Haussamen’s blog 3.8 Billion Years. I wrote last year about my five fears of dying. They included four familiar ones—fear of pain and fears of letting go of my life and my ego—along…

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