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Sacred Springs, Part 2 by Anna Walther

In “Sacred Springs, Part 1,” I described my first visit to Barton Springs, the most famous limestone springs in Austin, and explored the role that Barton and other major Edwards Aquifer springs play in indigenous spirituality. But there are many other artesian springs along Austin-area limestone creeks, including a small, unnamed spring just a mile from my home, near the headwaters of Walnut Creek in Northwest Austin. Last summer I spent time there grounded and centered, with senses wide open.

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Sacred Springs, Part 1 by Anna Walther

Last summer I swam in Barton Springs, a spring-fed pool in the heart of downtown Austin. Native Americans have a vital, ritualistic relationship with the spring waters. The precise role the springs held in pre-Columbian indigenous spirituality is lost to time and conquest. I can take inspiration and guidance from Native American ways of relating to the Land, but must make my own practices and prayers.

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[Pagan in Place] “Even Here”, by Anna Walther

See? Even here and now, in the cracks of this suburban sidewalk, you spring up, green hands open to catch the rain.

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[Pagan in Place] “A Personal Pagan Philosophy” by Anna Walther

I find the vitriolic blogosphere debates between atheistic Pagans and hard polytheists exhausting and uninteresting. Like many of you, I think about the nature of deity, but I think the question itself is more interesting than the answers. Furthermore, relationship with…

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[Pagan in Place] “Creating a Local Lunar Calendar: Full Moon Names for Central Texas” by Anna Walther

The custom of naming full moons to mark the passage of the seasons appeals to me. It is a practice available to anyone in deep relationship with the land beneath their feet, anyone who knows by direct observation when the days lengthen, when the berries ripen, and when the cold winds come where they live.

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