Naturalistic Paganism

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“Spell, spell, what the hell?” by Telmaris Green

This essay was originally published at Skeptical Witch. What is a spell? If you would be kind enough to indulge my inner word-geek for a moment, I promise to get on to the enchanted frog part soon.  The following etymologies…

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“‘As the gods pour, so do mortals’: An alternative conception of divine reciprocity” by John Halstead (Part 2)

PART 2: AN ALTERNATIVE CONCEPTION OF DIVINE RECIPROCITY In Part 1 of this essay (published last month), I critiqued a popular understanding of divine reciprocity. But there is another conception of divine reciprocity. It is rooted in the notion of…

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Mid-Month Meditation for June

We bring our late spring theme, “Practice”, to a close with this thought by Mary Jo Weaver: “First the appearance, then the dance, then the story.” Pagans often claim that they have no orthodoxy (right belief), only orthopraxy (right practice), by…

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“Charity: A naturalistic practice of offering” by B. T. Newberg

In the ancient world, gods and goddesses were honored with gifts. How can a naturalist carry on this tradition today? One way it can be done is through giving to charities. For example, if you want to honor Demeter, goddess…

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“Top 10 signs of good spirituality” by DT Strain

This essay was first published at The Humanist Contemplative. Over the course of my comparative studies, there are some general traits I’ve noticed which seem to be shared between those wisdom streams and I thought it could be helpful to…

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