Naturalistic Paganism

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“Observing: The shape of the ritual” by Áine Órga

This article was first published at The Spinning of the Wheel. One question that is often raised by those who are coming to Paganism for the first time – whether naturalistic or not – is that of ritual content and…

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“Pagan Crafting” by Crafter Yearly

This post originally appeared on CrafterYearly’s blog, Crafting the Wheel of the Year. One of the things that has most drawn me to Paganism is the emphasis Pagans place on our interconnectedness with all life and the Earth. For Pagans, the cycles…

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“Caring for nature” by Annika Garratt

This essay original appeared on Annika Garratt’s blog. “Caring for nature.” This is a phrase I find a little odd, simply because people have strange concepts of what Nature is. I remember in Sweden people expressed respect and care for…

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“The Amethyst Path: Shamanism, Dionysian Spirituality and Recovery from ‘Addiction'” by Wayne Martin Mellinger, Ph.D.

Today, we are joined by Wayne Martin Mellinger, Ph.D., who describes a Dionysian spirituality in the pursuit of a shamanic approach to addiction recovery. This essay was originally published at Mellinger’s blog, Doing Modernity: Using Cultural Interactionism to Study Everyday…

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An atheist’s magical practice in detail, by AtheistWitch

This essay (with minor edits) was originally published at AtheistWitch’s blog, Spiritual atheist witch…and other strange labels. Rational use of irrationality: […] since the only defensible logical explanation for magic is the psychological effect it creates on a person, that…

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