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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] An Equinox Paradox, by Bart Everson

From a photo by Sean Benham, licensed under Creative Commons. I thought I spotted something in the ligustrum tree that grows behind our house. “Is that a nest?” I asked my wife. She’s a better naturalist than I. “No way,”…

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A Shinto Experience in New Zealand by Megan Manson

It may seem strange that one of the most profoundly Shinto experiences I’ve had was in New Zealand. The whole trip, from the cave’s entrance to the meditative atmosphere of the glowworm chamber, felt like a pilgrimage to a particularly powerful Shinto shrine. To me, this visit to Te Ana-Au Glowworm Caves demonstrated how universal the concept behind Shinto – the sense of respect and awe we feel in the face of Nature’s wonders – really is, and that the kami themselves truly are to be found everywhere.

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Dear Pagans: Please Stop Abusing Science, by Lupa Greenwolf

I have a deep spiritual path that gives me a structure for personal meaning and creating a place for myself in this world. But my work with totems does not overwrite my understanding of the physical animals, plants and other beings out there in the world. If anything, it is natural history that informs my deeper connection with the spirits I work with, because I know where they’re rooted.

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Sign “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment”

In this time of accelerating environmental change, we feel a sense of urgency to help transform humanity’s relationship with the Earth. Lend your voice to our call to protect all life in this historic moment by signing “A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment.”

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“Cities and Nature” by CrafterYearly

When we define Nature as pure and non-human, we foreclose the possibility of ever being in the natural world, which simultaneously elevates nature into the realm of the ideal, and has the negative effect of placing concern for the Earth outside of human consideration.

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