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Announcing the Atheopagan Resource Library!!

There are many important aspects to our spirituality, but some are more important than others.  So many around us, on any spiritual path, focus so much on themselves that they neglect making the world a better place.  100 years from now, what impact will  your spirituality show?  Anything?  Will it matter, in our real world?  Here is an opportunity for us all!

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DIY Religion, Transitions, and Ritual Planning! Recent Episodes of THE WONDER podcast, by Mark Green

Of course, all religions started out DIY, so never feel that you shouldn’t build on your own spirituality!  Is this a transition time for you? All that more, on the page here.

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Playlist for the Wheel of the Year: Mid-Winter

Over the years, I have created rituals to celebrate the Wheel of the Year with my wife and children. Music has been an essential part of the experience. Without it, it would be much more difficult to create the sense of sacred time and space and to evoke the experience I desire for each ritual. So I want to share with you my playlist for each station on the Wheel of Year. Here’s the first list. Enjoy! And share your suggestions in the comments.

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Happy Winter Thermstice/Imbolc!

How will you celebrate the cold and snow this year?  For us, we made our first ice carousel!  Here in the North, if the ice on the lakes gets to be between 6 and 12″ thick, one can cut out a large circle, and get it spinning!  It was fun – we tried sails, but ended up using a combination of pushing and drill paddles to get it going at a steady speed. Read More

The Winter Cross-Quarter (Winter Thermstice) Approaches! + ~ A Dozen Online Rituals

For those of us in more Northern climes, the Winter Thermstice, or Imbolc, means ice and snow.  Even though many of us have known about the unique, delicate, 6-fold beauty of snowflakes since childhood (for many, it’s a very common elementary school art topic), I’m reminded yet again of the beauty and wonder which our Universe gives us in snowflakes, and that they can bring us joy throughout our lives.

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