Name Change for The Critical Thinking Witch Collective, and an online Conference! September 30 to October 2

Our Naturalistic/non-theistic Pagans community keeps growing!  Along with the Atheopagan Suntree Retreat, and the A Witch Con, both last year and both explicitly for evidence based, critical thinking Pagans, now the second A Witch Con is just a few days away, so Register now!

Since their beginning just last year as the SASS Witches (science-minded, agnostic / atheist, secular, and skeptical Witches), they brought critical thinking Paganism to many more people, and also launched an online conference!  After the resounding success of that conference (a great reflection on the conference was published in this blog last  year, it’s here), it’s continuing, with the 2022 online conference September 30 – October 2!  Plus, now they have renamed from SASS to The Critical Thinking Witch Collective.  Yay!  I just signed up on their mailing list.  You can too, here!

The schedule isn’t out yet (I’ll post it when I see it), but based on last year (with additional details here), it’s going to be wonderful!  See you there!





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