Check out this Naturalistic-Pagan friendly Conference! Mixer on August 6th, & A Witch Con Online, August 13-15

Is this the first Pagan conference explicitly focused on non-theistic Pagans?  Along with the Atheopagan Suntree Retreat, these two were both announced this year, with no specifically non-theist conventions before them that I know of!  The A Witch Con is just a few days away, so Register now!

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Wondering what this is all about?  I am.  They have a Witch’s Brew mixer thing Friday, August 6th, 7 pm EDT (or Salem Witch Time!) to introduce the conference (which is next weekend, August 13-15).  For the mixer on Friday August 6th, RSVP here.

They have some excellent panel discussions on Saturday August 14 – I can’t wait to hear the discussion! Here is the Home Page, along with their Mission.  With the conference starting in just a few days, August 13-15.

There will be Cauldron Talks (micro-talks), a group spell, and more.  Plus, there are already nearly a dozen merchants, and convention merchandise available! Here is a sampling of the vendors.

Some of the panel discussions are shown here, and include Atheists, Secular, Agnostic Witchcraft; Divination; Cultural Intersectionality, and the Placebo Effect.

The full schedule is here.  Scholarships are available!  Also, consider donating to the scholarship fund – I donated, and registered!


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