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The Elephant in the Womb: Calling Out Theocracy Where it Breeds, by Heron Michelle

Andromeda Chained and Left to be Devoured by Monsters- CC0 Creative Commons, Pixabay Re-posted with permission from Witch on Fire at Patheos Pagan, original post here. Things are not OK in America. Going about our daily business as normal, feels…

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Seats Still Available for Atheopagan U.!

We now have an opportunity to deepen our spirituality, empower our practices, and learn with knowledgeable peers!   Mark Green if offering an online course on Atheopagan theory and practice.  Seats are filling up fast, but there are still a few spots left!

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Living in a Sacred World, by Mark Green

Re-sacralizing the world can be challenging. Cities are sacred, too: they are often the least environmentally damaging way to accommodate millions of people. And they are hotbeds of culture, innovation, art and science. And we see that magic in one another. We know that other people are full of extraordinary and unique gifts. That even some of the most damaged and suffering people have beauty inside them.

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Being an Atheist Druid, by Skeptical Seeker

I love having a non-dogmatic spiritual practice.

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Our Music Affects Nature, by Kansas Stanton

I do not know the future of gene editing in embryos and I do not yet know my opinion on it, other than that we are still far from its fruition for many reasons.

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