Seats Still Available for Atheopagan U.!

We now have an opportunity to deepen our spirituality, empower our practices, and learn with knowledgeable peers!   Mark Green if offering an online course on Atheopagan theory and practice.  Seats are filling up fast, but there are still a few spots left!


The next Atheopaganism U. course will begin on JUNE 1.

Welcome to “Atheopaganism U.”, the online course in the theory and practice of the Atheopagan path! Here’s how it works:

This is a ten-week course which draws forward materials from the blog and elsewhere in an organized fashion. Each week, a new, password protected page will be published here, with new content and links to reading assignments. Combined with live class discussions and individual coaching sessions with Mark Green using the video conferencing service Zoom, the U. is meant to help Atheopagans to deepen their understanding of the path and their experience of practicing it. Classes are limited in size to no more than ten students so individual attention can be provided.

The password and a schedule of the Zoom sessions will be emailed to each student in the class after registration is complete. Individual coaching sessions will be scheduled at the student’s convenience.

donation of $50-75 is requested to take this course. None will be turned away for lack of funds, although only a limited number of scholarship students can be accommodated in each class so you may need to wait to take it if you are unable to pay for the course.

To register for the next ten-member cohort of students, please use the Contact page.

Obviously, this is not an accredited university course, and I make no representation thereof.

The syllabus for Atheopaganism U. is:

Week 1: What Is This?

  • Why Atheopaganism? What is Atheopaganism?
  • What is a religion?
  • Evolution, the brain, and human ritual

Live class discussion and Q&A session on Zoom

Week 2: Elements of Atheopaganism, part 1

  • The cosmology: the wonders of science, critical thinking and skepticism
  • The Four Sacred Pillars

Week 3: Elements of Atheopaganism, part 2

  • The Atheopagan Principles

Live class discussion and Q&A session on Zoom

Week 4: Atheopagan Practices, part 1

  • The Practices, 1: The Focus
  • The Practices, 2: Rituals

Week 5: Atheopagan Practices, part 2

  • The Practices, 3: The Wheel of the Year
  • The Practices, 4: Rites of Passage

Live class discussion and Q&A session on Zoom

Week 6: Ritual Design

  • Ritual design: Arrival
  • Ritual design: Qualities and Intentions
  • Ritual design: Working
  • Ritual design: Gratitude and Benediction

Week 7: Ritual Skills, part 1

  • Ritual skills: Public speaking, spoken word and guided meditation
  • Ritual skills: Singing

Week 8: Ritual Skills, part 2

  • Ritual skills: Movement
  • Rituals skills: Drumming and rhythm

Individual live coaching session with Mark Green on Zoom

Week 9: Living the Path, part 1

  • A vision of a better world
  • Activism
  • Building communities

Week 10: Living the Path, part 2

  • Integration
  • Living Atheopaganism

Individual live coaching session with Mark Green on Zoom

Final class live discussion and farewell on Zoom

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Note: This essay was originally published at Atheopaganism and is copyrighted. It has been published here with the explicit permission of the author.

About the Author

indexMark Green is a writer, thinker, poet, musician and costuming geek who works in the public interest sector, primarily in environmental policy and ecological conservation. He lives in Sonoma County on California’s North Coast with his wife Nemea and Miri, the Cat of Foulness. For more information on Atheopaganism, visit, or the Facebook group at

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2 Comments on “Seats Still Available for Atheopagan U.!

  1. Thanks for posting! We have only two seats left but welcome HP readers to join us! This class will be repeated, so if you don’t make it into the first one we will make you first in line for the second.

  2. Class is full! But if you’d like to attend the next one, contact me through the “Contact” page on the Atheopaganism website to get on the list (it’s already forming!)

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