Another Great Book Review of Godless Paganism!

Godless Paganism gets a review over at Pagan Book Reviews!

From the Review by Holli Emore:

Most of us think of 1964’s “most hated woman in America,” Madalyn Murray O’Hair or, scientists like Stephen Hawking, when we hear the words atheist, agnostic or humanist.  And yet a new volume paints a beautifully-nuanced picture of today’s non-theistic Pagans.  In a crowd of recent years’ anthologies of Pagan writers on various subjects, Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans, edited by John Halstead, stands out as a significant contribution to the field of contemporary Pagan theology.

…. From philosophical, to poetic, to science- and environment-focused, the essays of Godless Paganism thoughtfully address many current Pagan topics: place-based practice, reciprocity, mystical experience, devotional practice, transcendence as a lateral phenomenon rather than horizontal, Jungian archetypes, the gods and the chthonic forces which underlie them.

I heartily recommend Godless Paganism as an enjoyable read, a complement to personal devotion and practice no matter what one’s beliefs, and a volume which will be useful to many who are pursuing Pagan academic studies.


Check out the whole review at Pagan Book Reviews……

Their main page has tons of other good books as well.

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