Another Opportunity to bring Joy to Kids, with “Stardust Explores the Solar System”!

Back in 2016, we saw a way to bring our joy and wonder of an evidence based understanding of our Universe to thousands of kids and adults, and responded with early, strong support.  That support helped make the My Name is Stardust book launch a resounding success – selling thousands of copies worldwide- putting our values and care for a better future world into action.  Now we have another opportunity.  The success of that book, including radio shows and worldwide recognition has led to a second edition, Stardust Explores the Solar System, which has a kickstarter campaign being launched today!  We can help bring that magic to more kids who are wondering about it all as well.  Even though my job is being eliminated, I’ve donated.  For me, this is one tiny part of how I hope to continue putting my gratitude for my Ancestors into action for future generations.  From the glow of the success of the first book, I hope many of us can help make this continuation of the Stardust series a reality.

Here’s the kickstarter site.   Inspire passion for science and wonder with this children’s STEM book exploring the Big Bang, the Solar System, and our place in space!   Also, please consider sharing this with others, on facebook and other social media.


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