Happy Fall Equitherm (Samhain)!

Our Ancestors reach back in an unbroken chain billions of years long.


Death, the dead, and our Ancestors fill our minds today.

Some of the ways many of us are celebrating were published a few weeks ago, and at least for my family, celebrations are ongoing, with a party last Friday, pumpkin carving Saturday, the Anishinaabe Spirit Feast coming up November 3rd and our CUUPS ritual November 4th.  I feel the connection between life and death, and see the echo of my grandparents in my kids.   And did you see the Edinburgh Samhuinn Fire Festival  Wow – thousands of people celebrating Samhain!  I’d love to make it to that some year – it would be a spiritual pilgrimage.  For some of us, the celebrations will be later this week – the actual midpoint between the Equinox and the Solstice is November 6th.  However you are celebrating, may your be celebration be blessed.

This is an updated version of our annual Fall Equitherm post.

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