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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Some Election Thoughts from a Naturalistic Pagan

I don’t know where to start. Fortunately, many others have chimed in by now, so much of what I would say has already been said, often more clearly that I would say it. Also, this post contains a lot of my own political views, so if you aren’t interested in that, you of course don’t have to read it.

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Late Autumn Theme: Humans

In Deep Time, late autumn can remind us of the rise of humans – just a short eyeblink of geological time ago, yet, perhaps, a profound event.  The existence of us humans engenders strong emotions in we humans.  In past times, some of…

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We care about the world.

Together, our naturalism and our Paganism mean that if we are honest about our spirituality, we will do what we can to influence politics. After all, the decisions made by politicians – especially by politicians who lead the United States government, are some of the strongest human forces on the planet affecting everything from education to the environment.

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You can help every child realize that they are stardust!

For many of us Naturalistic Pagans, the roots of our spirituality can be traced back to when we first realized what a vast, ancient Universe we are part of. Often, that began with Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, or Neil deGrasse-Tyson’s more recent remake of Cosmos. We now have a chance to help bring that magic to more kids who are wondering about it all as well.

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