Late Autumn Theme: Humans

In Deep Time, late autumn can remind us of the rise of humans – just a short eyeblink of geological time ago, yet, perhaps, a profound event.  The existence of us humans engenders strong emotions in we humans.  In past times, some of us thought of us as the pinnacle of being, an exalted goal of evolution.  Others (largely before that, but still some today) saw us as the literally depraved, worthless, fallen creatures corrupted by “sin”.  A common view today sees us as a harmful disease afflicting our mother Earth.  Still others rejoice in the wonder of our human brains, without equal in the Universe to our (admittedly limited) knowledge.  Many of us combine aspects of these and other views – it’s not a simple topic, after all.  Regardless of which view or combination we each old, many of us agree that the rise of humans has been a very significant event in the history of life on Earth.  As with all themes, this just an optional muse.

Late Autumn (October 31 – December 21)
Cosmic event: The rise of humans (2 million years ago, through today)
Theme: Humans

Questions: How do we see humans and their effects?  How does that effect our worldview and our spirituality?  How can our spirituality influence our interactions with other humans, and our view of our own self-worth?  

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