Early Autumn Theme: Ancestors and Descendants

In Deep Time, early autumn can remind us of the Cretaceous extinction event – the cataclysm of fire, tsunamis, and earthquakes that banished the (non-avian) dinosaurs to extinction and led to you looking at your computer today.  Gone were countless forms of life, giant sauropods, tyrannosaurs, and pterosaurs – and even many mammals.  Yet, a tiny, thin thread of many types of animals and plants survived – including the Ancestors of you and I.  They then shaped that ruined world into the world we have today – we owe our world and our very existence to them.  Can we call on their perseverance and effort to spur us to make the world a better place for future generations?   As with all themes, this just an optional muse.

Late Summer (September 22 – October 31)
Cosmic event: The Cretaceous Asteroid Impact (65 million years ago)
Theme: Ancestors and Descendants

Questions: How can we show our gratitude for our Ancestors?  What Ancestors especially speak to you today?  How can our spirituality spur us to make the world a better place for future generations, who will count us among their Ancestors?  

One Comment on “Early Autumn Theme: Ancestors and Descendants

  1. I’m humbled by knowing that the dinosaurs were not only spectacular looking but roamed the earth for a spectacularly long time–around 160 million years. It reminds me forcefully of how careful we should be of our civilization, our earth, and ourselves if we humans are to survive anywhere near as long.

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