Interrupted Visions: Your chance to join with the Foundation Beyond Belief to help victims of the flooding

Yes, I know we are in the middle of our 3 part series on visions, but we well know that weather systems don’t care what we humans are doing.  This week, extreme rainfall caused historic flooding in Louisiana, with people killed and the property damage mounting by the day.  We have a chance to help, both indirectly (because climate change makes rare events like this more likely, so helping slow climate change helps future victims), and directly.  The Foundation Beyond Belief has set up an easy way for us Atheists to make a difference in the lives of those hurt by the flooding – regardless of who they are or what they believe.  Here’s the link.  While we’ll each return to our daily lives in mere minutes, it’ll be a lot longer than that for those affected by the flooding can return to anything like a regular daily life.

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