Late Summer Theme: Cooperation

In Deep Time, late summer can span the time from the mid to the late Mesozoic – a time during which many new forms of cooperation evolved, adding the many cooperative ways of life already discovered.  Already established forms of cooperation included our mitochondria and the chloroplasts in plants (both being domesticated bacteria) as well as the very fruitful fungi-plant cooperatives.  New forms include the symbiosis between flowers and insects, between fruit and fruit eaters (seed dispersers) and more.  Can we call on our knowledge of the success and mutual benefit of these cooperations to spur us to find and join with those many people around us who want to help?  Today, and for millions of years, cooperation often means that everyone wins.  As with all themes, this just an optional muse.

late Summer (August 1 – September 22)
Cosmic event: Cooperation up to an including the late Mesozoic (~150 to 66 million years ago)
Theme: Cooperation

Questions: Who can help us?  Who can we help?  How can our spirituality spur us to reach out to them?  

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