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Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans is available for sale!

While many Pagans today believe in literal gods, there are a growing number of Pagans who are “godless.” Today, the diverse assemblage of spiritual paths known as Paganism includes atheist Pagans or Atheopagans, Human- istic and Naturalistic Pagans, Buddho-Pagans, animists, pantheists, Gaians, and other non-theistic Pagans. Here for the first time, their voices are gathered together to share what it means to be Pagan and godless.

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By the Glow of a Pig…………..

Getting through airport security was a little tricky. I had to explain why I had hundreds of refrigerator magnets in my carry-on luggage, but after I explained the morphic angelic wave-function vortex to them, the TSA agents kinda looked at each other and then let me go through. They clearly realized how important this was!

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