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Monthly Archives: April 2016

The May Cross-Quarter (Vernal Equitherm) is just two weeks away!

In the Northern Hemisphere, May 1st time is traditionally celebrated in the Neo-Pagan Wheel of the Year as Beltane. The name derives from the Irish Gaelic Bealtaine or the Scottish Gaelic Bealtuinn for “Bel-fire”. Beltane is reputed as a day of unabashed sexuality, visible in the phallic symbolism of dancing round the Maypole.

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“Naturalistic Polytheism and Our Patron Goddess” by Tom L. Waters

(art by Greg Spalenka) Editor’s Note: This article was originally written under the name Tom Tadfor Little and published in Sacred Cosmos: Journal of Liberal Religious Paganism. The article does not reflect the author’s personal practice, but is rather an…

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Early Spring Theme: Diversity

In Deep Time, early spring can match the time from the first animals to the diversification of life in the Cambrian.  And what forms!  Though many of the basic animals we are familiar with were just a glint in a simple…

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The first review of Godless Paganism has been published!

Scholastic Paganism has posted the first review of Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans. If you’re wondering whether you should purchase a copy, check out the review here. It’s not unequivocally positive, but it is laudatory and insightful. Here are some excerpts …

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Inoculative Libations to the Land By Rua Lupa

Whatever comes from Nature is of Nature, no matter its form or its location. Nothing is separate from Nature. The ritual here helps to ensure that our connections within Nature are harmonious and encourage life, instead of ignoring the workings of Nature and inadvertently cause disharmony.

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