What potentials do you see for Humanistic Paganism?

Many people have realized how natural it is to map our history onto the year, with the Big Bang at January 1 and today at December 31. The first time I saw this done was when Carl Sagan gave us his Cosmic Calendar in 1980. The beauty, elegance, and clarity of the Cosmic Calendar show in both the events brought to mind, as well a way it makes understanding Deep Time easy. We used the same approach here at HP in 2014, following Peter Adair’s Earth Story calendar. So for 2016, we’ll be looking to our Deep Time history for our themes.

Early Winter (Dec 21-Feb 2)

Cosmic event: The birth of the Universe to earth life on Earth

Theme: Possibilities & Potentials

Questions: With a very simple early Universe of energy, hydrogen, and helium, who could have guessed the wonders that surround us today? What amazing potential it had! In the same way, what potentials could our simple beginnings have? Or, what other possibilities have you seen in your life, either as part of Naturalistic Paganism or in other areas?

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