Announcing: An educational course designed for naturalists!

Spirituality is not about knowing something, but about living it.

Announcing: The first-ever online educational course designed for our community opens for enrollment August 2nd!

This is B. T. Newberg here. Since handing over the reins of HP to John’s capable hands, I’ve been working hard to advance our community in a different way: creating an online educational course designed not only for Pagans but for all naturalists with spiritual inclinations. Working with the Spiritual Naturalist Society, an organization for any path that combines naturalism and spirituality, I’ve spent the last two years creating something we Naturalistic Pagans can be proud of, and which will challenge us in fresh, new ways.

Thanks to the hard work of many at the Spiritual Naturalist Society, as well as a cohort of beta testers including our own John Halstead (thanks, John!), we’re ready for you. Read on for details.

Is Spiritual Naturalism for me?

If you are a Naturalistic Pagan, then you are also by definition a Spiritual Naturalist. Spiritual Naturalism is a big-tent term that includes Naturalistic Paganism within it, alongside paths like Secular Buddhism, Humanistic Judaism, Christian Naturalism, Naturalistic Pantheism, Humanism, Spiritual Ecology, and so on. Any path that combines naturalism and spirituality falls under the canopy of Spiritual Naturalism. This results in a cross-fertilization, creating a vibrant atmosphere that challenges students to look afresh at their own form of naturalistic spirituality.

What values is the course based on?

Naturalistic Pagans will find values they can get behind. The course places a high value on knowledge, but an even higher value on practice. It is designed to provide more than a passive learning experience; it integrates social interaction, meditative practices, and personal growth. You will also have a personal mentor (me, B. T. Newberg) as your guide through the course.

What does the course cover?

SNS 101: Introduction to Spiritual Naturalism presents essentials of Spiritual Naturalism, with emphasis on compassion, reason, and practice. Students engage content through discussion, meditation, and integration into daily life. Designed for both beginning and experienced practitioners interested in cultivating a meaningful life, this course surveys core themes in a nonsectarian manner unified by scientific models as one possible approach to Spiritual Naturalism.

Do I have to be a member of the Society to take the course?

No. Anyone can register for the course, no strings attached. Supporting Members of the Spiritual Naturalist Society get a discount.

How much time does the course require?

Plan to spend 3 hours per week for 4 weeks.

When is the next course session?

The first session runs Sunday, September 6, through Sunday, October 4th, with further sessions T.B.A. Seats are expected to fill fast.

How do I register?

Open enrollment begins August 2nd. Just go to Thanks for your interest, and see you in class!

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  1. Looks fantastic! Wish I could take this, but as a college student unfortunately I don’t have the $$$ to spare! Maybe next time though 🙂

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