What to look forward to in May at HP

This month we begin our semi-seasonal theme for late spring: “Practice”.  We Naturalistic Pagans talk a lot.  Some Naturalistic Pagans have no spiritual practice, per se.  For some, living an ethical lifestyle is a spiritual practice.  Others practice meditation.  Other Naturalistic Pagans perform rituals, either solitary or in groups.  Naturalistic Pagan rituals may be similar or dissimilar to other Pagan rituals.  This month and into June, we will be talking about how we practice our Naturalistic Paganism — or how we don’t.  How do you experience your religion in your flesh?  Send your submissions to humanisticpaganism [at] gmail [dot] com for inclusion in June.

This Month at HP

May 4  “How I finally ‘got’ ritual”: A dialogue with DT Strain and B. T. Newberg, part 2

May 7  “The Unseen World” by Ken Apple

May 9  “Of Crafting and Placebos” by Telmaris Green

May 11  DE NATURA DEORUM: “Why I Pray to Isis” by B.T. Newberg

May 14  “An Atheist’s Magical Practice in Detail” by AtheistWitch

May 16  “An Altar for Broken Things” by Carol Green

May 18  “The Amethyst Path: Shamanism, Dionysian Spirituality and Recovery from ‘Addiction'” by Wayne Martin Mellinger, Ph.D.

May 21  “Caring for nature” by Annika Garratt

May 25  “Pagan Crafting” by Crafter Yearly

May 28  “Observing: The shape of the ritual” by Áine Órga

May 30  “Living The Path: Sacred Acts Everyone Can Perform” by Carolina Gonzalez

Humanistic Paganism Calendar for May

May 1  Neo-Pagan spring cross-quarter day (Beltane)

May 1 (first Thursday of May) National Day of Prayer and National Day of Reason

May 2  Pagan Coming Out Day

May 5  Spring equitherm/cross-quarter

May 11  Cosmic Calendar: Milky Way Galaxy Formed 8.8 bya

May 15  Thomas Taylor’s birthday

May 16  Love a Tree Day

May 22  International Day for Biological Diversity

May 24  Vesak, Day of the Full Moon

May 25 (last Monday of May) Memorial Day, unofficial start of summer in U.S.

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