What to look forward to in November at HP

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Photo by Laura Stevens

This month, we conclude our theme of “Finding Meaning”, and with the Autumn Cross-Quarter on November 7, we begin our new theme of “Death and Life”.

This Month at HP

Nov 3 “Even naturalists don’t stay in the grave” by D.T. Strain

Nov 6 “As seen from the sky” by Debra Doggett

Nov 7 Autumn equitherm/cross-quarter

Nov 7 New theme begins: “Death and Life”.

Nov 10 “Ghost story” by Ken Apple

Nov 13 Mid-Month Meditation: “Panthea” by Oscar Wilde, read by Annika Garratt

Nov 17 “Seasons and heartbeats” by Brock Haussamen

Nov 24 “Thoughts on Death and the Afterlife” by NaturalPantheist

Nov 27 Postpagan Ceremony & Ecology by Glen Gordon

Humanistic Paganism Calendar for October

Nov 3 First Sunday in November Daylight Savings Time ends in U.S.

Nov 3 Hybrid solar eclipse [external link]

Nov 7 Autumn equitherm/cross-quarter

Nov 8 Cosmic Calendar: First complex cells (eukaryotes) emerge 2 bya

Nov 9 Carl Sagan’s birthday

Nov 16 International Day of Tolerance

Nov 21 (third Thurs) World Philosophy Day

Nov 24 Spinoza’s birthday

Nov 25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Nov 28 Comet ISON makes its closest approach to the Sun* [external link]

Nov 30 John Toland’s birthday

* The newly discovered comet ISON will make its closest approach to the Sun on Nov. 28. If the comet survives its encounter with the Sun, it could be one of the brightest comets in recent memory. Some astronomers estimate that it could even be bright enough to be seen during daylight hours. In October it will start to be visible to the naked eye and will continue to get brighter until November 28. If the comet survives, it will be visible in the early morning and early evening sky and could be nearly as bright as the full Moon. Some astronomers are calling it the “comet of the century”.

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