What to look forward to in October at HP

Our theme for the rest of the month of October is Finding Meaning.

Steven Weinberg explains in his book on the Big Bang, The First Three Minutes: “The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless.”  Is Weinberg right?  Are understanding and meaning antithetical?  Do we create meaning in spite of the inherent meaninglessness of the cosmos?  Or is there perhaps some meaning to our lives to be found within physical nature?  And what do our answers to these questions mean for us as Naturalistic Pagans?

This Month at HP

Oct 6  “To what should I aspire?” by Thomas Schenk

Oct 13  “Naturalism: Every second of your life is meaningful” by B. T. Newberg

Oct 16  Mid-Month Meditation

Oct 20  “Finding Purpose and Meaning” by NaturalPantheist

Oct 27  “A Meditation on the Ancestors” by Jon Cleland Host

Oct 31  Samhain Special with Telmaris Green

Humanistic Paganism Calendar for October

Oct 2  Gandhi’s birthday and International Day of Non-Violence

Oct 12  Cosmic Calendar: First photosynthesis occurs 3 bya

Oct 12  International Observe the Moon Night (external link)

Oct 16  World Food Day

Oct 18  Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (external link)

Oct 29  Cosmic Calendar: Oxygenation of atmosphere occurs 2.4 bya

Oct 31/Nov 1  Neo-Pagan autumn cross-quarter day (Samhain) / Halloween (Here at HP, we will be observing the Autumn Cross-Quarter in another week.)

Oct 31  Anniversary of the publication of The Spiral Dance and Drawing Down the Moon

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