Cosmic Calendar: Emergence of the Milky Way

Milky Way over Lake Mary, Flagstaff - AZ - Perseids Meteor Shower, by Logan Brumm Photography and Design

On Carl Sagan’s Cosmic Calendar, which maps the entire history of our cosmos onto a single year, the universe has been swirling since the Big Bang on January 1st (13.7 billion years ago).

Today, May 11th, comes the formation of the Milky Way (8.8 billion years ago).

The cosmos will continue to ferment until September, when the next big event is the emergence of our sun.

3 Comments on “Cosmic Calendar: Emergence of the Milky Way

  1. Perhaps we need a campaign for an International Milky Way Day. There’s apparently a National Milky Way Day dedicated to the Milky Way candy bar (which is not named after our galaxy, by the way) on March 12. But this seems much cooler.

  2. The Cosmic Calendar presented by Sagan has become a bit outdated. Current estimates are that it formed at about the same time as all other galaxies 13.2 billion years ago. This would put it much earlier, on January 14th.

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