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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day

Today is Einstein’s birthday, as well as Pi Day. Albert Einstein’s birthday as well as Pi Day is March 14.  Einstein, born in 1879, was the celebrated mind that gave us the theory of relativity and E = mc2. The mathematical constant π…

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Is Japan really the 2nd-most atheist nation?

– by B. T. Newberg “I don’t know anything about Buddhism,” she said. I stared at her quizzically. But you’re a priest’s daughter, I thought.  You grew up in a temple, and may even take over the temple one day. …

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Upcoming work

This Sunday As a follow-up to the previous post on non-religion in Korea, this one delves into Japan, which boasts an even higher population of Atheists.  Is it really so, or do cultural factors skew the data? Is Japan really…

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is today.  From the website: Women’s organisations and governments around the world have also observed IWD annually on 8 March by holding large-scale events that honour women’s advancement and while diligently reminding of the continued vigilance and…

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Pagan Atheists: Yes, we exist, by Stifyn Emrys

Carl Sagan, an agnostic who made a career of exploring – and marveling at – the wonders of the universe. His philosophy was that no concept of a creator or overseer could possibly match the awe-inspiring grandeur of nature itself. This is the way the Pagan atheist views the world, and the universe at large. It’s not some dry, clinical and bitter philosophy. It’s a vibrant, dynamic view of life and the environment that births and sustains it.

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