Trees, by Bryan Beard

This week we feature the work of Bryan Beard, the artist behind our new logo.  From his imagination emerges a harmonious naturalism that captures the heart of HP.

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A response

When I first laid eyes on Bryan’s sketches, I was struck by the integration of natural forms with ideal geometric patterns.  Trunks twist in unlikely loops, roots grow into spheres – but they do not for that matter feel unnatural.

Meanwhile, one cannot quite decide if vague faces peek from leafy canopies, or if it’s just one’s imagination.  There’s no sense of the supernatural here, but anthropomorphic perception informs every line and curve.  Each image invites a gestalt that may or may not have been intended.  What one sees says more about oneself than the image.

Ultimately, Beard’s forms suggest exactly the situation in which we humans find ourselves: a voiceless landscape in which we may seek, and perhaps create, our own meaning.

– B. T. Newberg, editor

The artist

Bryan Beard

Bryan Beard, originally from Wisconsin, is an artist and photographer who currently teaches English in South Korea.  He is often found haunting hills and hollows, photographing mushrooms or biking mountain trails.  Working primarily in ink and oil, Beard is interested in natural forms and landscapes.  Inspired by immediate sensations in nature, Beard draws from his imagination.  “It’s just my habit to stare at the trees when I’m riding my bike, and then I’ll see an interesting branch or something…”  From there, forms emerge on their own from the creative depths.

Bryan Beard can be found online at

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