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Stoicism: God or atoms? by Donald Robertson

Although most Stoics appear to have placed considerable importance upon belief in God (actually, Zeus), there is  some indication that others may have adopted a more agnostic stance, something relatively unusual for the period in which they lived. This debate…

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This Sunday Can you be a modern Stoic and an atheist or agnostic? Stoicism: God or atoms?  by Donald Robertson Appearing Sunday, December 9th, 2012 Thing on Thursday This week, Thing on Thursday asks: Does the Fourfold Path resonate with…

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Is there a better term for the “Five +1”?

2012 Thing on Thursday #11 A key concept introduced in the original “What is Humanistic Paganism?” post was the Five +1.  It refers to the five empirical senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch), plus the additional “sense” of introspection.  It’s…

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The greater significance of ley lines, by Erik Oakenshield

There are very few instances where scientific idea evolves into something most would deem “supernatural theory,” but ley lines followed such a path. Usually it is the other way around, where the inexplicable becomes scientific subject matter, i.e. the heavenly…

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Naturalistic Traditions for December

What can a naturalist celebrate in November? Check out this month’s Naturalistic Traditions at

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