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2012: It’s the end of the world!

We’re still here. (Big surprise.) Today marks the notorious “prediction” of the Mayan calendar that the world will end (or, some say, a new spiritual era will begin). The so-called prediction is actually nothing of the kind.  The Mayan calendar…

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With what aspects of Pagan popular culture do you identify?

2012 Thing on Thursday #13 Final poll of 2012 Ah, Pagan culture!  Some revel in it, others are embarrassed by it.  From incense to crystals, does any of it appeal to you?  If so, which parts? There is, of course,…

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Winter Solstice: A naturalistic ritual for the cosmos

– by B. T. Newberg This ritual celebration of the birth of the cosmos is designed for use by Spiritual Naturalists of any stripe.  For those whose schedules permit and who can embrace the cold, it is best performed outside…

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Upcoming work

Winterviews returns! It’s back!  BIG NAME authors await. From the Winter Solstice through Imbolc, our annual event Winterviews (winter interviews) brings high-profile authors and public figures your way. This year, we’ve got a great line up. Check it out: Brian…

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Does the Fourfold Path resonate with you?

2012 Thing on Thursday #12 Another key concept introduced in the original “What is Humanistic Paganism?” post was the Fourfold Path, which Humanistic Pagans ideally share in common.  The Fourfold Path is: exploration of the Five +1 relationship with myth…

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