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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Who are our allies?

Thing on Thursday #8 Last time we identified our goals, now who can help us attain them?  All good movements work in concert with others, mutually enriching each other.  What other movements might be closely aligned enough to make exceptional…

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Real religion?

– by B. T. Newberg What makes for “real” religion?  How do you know that what you’re doing isn’t just playing dress-up, a shallow parody of religion? Well, maybe you “just know.”  But aren’t there times when you doubt whether…

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Upcoming work

This Sunday How do you know what you’re doing is not some shallow parody of religion?  B. T. Newberg responds to the moments of self-doubt we all experience. Real religion? by B. T. Newberg Appearing Sunday, November 13th, on Humanistic…

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What are our goals?

Thing on Thursday #7 The topic this week is goals for the website.  I’ve long wanted to craft a mission statement, something that sums up our aspirations and sense of direction. I do not mean a mission for the HP…

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Ritual – why bother? by Jake Diebolt

This week we have something new: a “challenge” piece.  Jake airs many concerns common among those who question naturalistic ritual.  He says: “While it may reflect a dissenting opinion on HP, I feel it could be valuable as a point…

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