Naturalistic Paganism


The Pagan Atheist, by Nick Ace Westward

Today we continue our late-winter theme of “Order and Structure” with Nick Ace Westward.  This originally appeared at It’s only after reading a post at that I really felt like I’ve got my own personal beliefs straight in my own head; in it, Judaism…

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Am I a Secular Pagan? by Heather Van De Sande

I was once a very bad witch.  When I was trying to be a Wiccan, it was very difficult. I was 19 and the world was still pre-Internet. I knew no other Wiccans nor Witches nor Neo-Pagans. I did a…

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Participatory reverence, by Hypatia’s Girl

Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will – Dion Fortune My relationship with religion has always been… fraught.  To be more specific, my relationship with systems of belief has always been complicated.  From the beginning, from my nice,…

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