Naturalistic Paganism


What is HumanisticPaganism? (2.0)*

Ours is a path both inspiring and, to the best of human ability, true. – composed by B. T. Newberg with help from Jon Cleland Host and members of the Naturalistic Paganism yahoo group. Ours is a naturalistic path rooted…

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HP: Our maturing tree

– by B. T. Newberg You know how a young sapling changes as it matures through its life cycle?  HP is experiencing something like that.  Our bark, our roots, and our whole internal structure is changing. Our look has changed,…

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Of consequence and wonder: Exploring the “why’s” of Humanistic Paganism, by C Luke Mula

photo by B. T. Newberg This week, C Luke Mula challenges us to take a deeper look at the fundamentals.  Why are we doing this?  What do we hope to get out of it?  Through a careful critique of the…

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