Naturalistic Paganism


Ten years after 9/11: World politics is an existential condition

image enhanced from original by Bird Eye – by B. T. Newberg Ten years after 9/11, what place has politics in your spirituality?  Are you doing rituals outside your state capitol?  Or do you separate politics from your spirituality?  Or…

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Encounters in nature, part 1: Sharing of Paths

Encounters in Nature: An Open-air Dialogue in the North Woods with Celtic polytheist Drew Jacob, Vodou priest Urban Haas, and Humanistic Pagan B. T. Newberg Part 1: Sharing of Paths Recorded with a Blue Yeti microphone on a Macbook The…

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Neither religious nor secular: A home for those with none

image enhanced from Odysseus vor Scilla und Charybdis, by Johann Heinrich Füssli – by B. T. Newberg Do you find yourself between worlds, neither religious nor secular?  Do you feel without a home?  It can be frustrating for those with…

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Retreat, day five: Socialization and dialogue

Image enhanced from original by Jan Svankmeyer – by B. T. Newberg The world begins to hum. That is how I felt today as I cruised along the Midtown Greenway on my bicycle in the midst of an afternoon drizzle. …

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What is Humanistic Paganism?

NOTE:  This article is now outdated and no longer accurate.  For an up-to-date version, see “About > What’s this?” in the menu bar above. – B. T. Newberg, editor Humanistic Paganism is a naturalistic* way of life rooted in nature,…

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