Naturalistic Paganism


An atheist’s magical practice in detail, by AtheistWitch

This essay (with minor edits) was originally published at AtheistWitch’s blog, Spiritual atheist witch…and other strange labels. Rational use of irrationality: […] since the only defensible logical explanation for magic is the psychological effect it creates on a person, that…

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The HPedia: Responsibility

Your help is needed!  Please critique this entry from the HPedia: An encyclopedia of key concepts in Naturalistic Paganism.  Please leave your constructive criticism in the comments below. Responsibility is an important aspect of Naturalistic Paganism, including intellectual and moral…

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Magic services: Taking money out of the equation, by Drew Jacob

She sat on my couch and wept. Not because her husband left. Because he wanted the kid. “He abuses him. He abuses both of us,” she said between sips of pekoe. “Now he’s going to take my son.” I didn’t…

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