The mission of HumanisticPaganism.com is to amplify the voices of Pagans engaged in naturalistic spirituality.

We may not always have a good way to describe ourselves, we may not easily find each other, and we may not be understood by others.

Yet we exist, and we are numerous.

This site exists to bring us together.


Specifically, we have four broad goals:

  • to share reflection on beliefs and practices
  • to aid connection with others of like mind
  • to develop and debate a Pagan naturalistic way of being-in-the-world
  • to educate other Pagans and the general public about naturalistic spirituality

With these four goals in mind – sharing, connecting, developing, and educating – we endeavor on an all-volunteer basis to bring to term a birth long overdue.

It is the birth of a spirituality fit for the 21st century.

2 Comments on “Mission

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  2. This is perfect, I have looked for a place, site, page, group such as this for many years. My beliefs mirror that of this site.


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