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Canadian Atheist Interviews Jon Cleland Host, Part 1

Throughout all of this, It’s been wonderful to connect with other Pagans in the wider Pagan community, and join in many different rituals and celebrations. It can be a tricky balance at times between my own hard-nosed naturalism/atheism and the prevalence of pseudoscience/woo in the wider Pagan community. I sometimes have to remind myself to consider if a supernatural belief is very harmful or not, but overall it’s been great to simply enjoy a ritual with others, even if we personally think of the language used differently – such as if many others see a deity as literal and I see a metaphor. After all, no one thinks anyone is going to hell for being a heretic.

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Light Pollution, by Katerina and William (Science Editorial Team)

Recently, a study was published that named light pollution as one of the factors contributing to the decline in numbers of fireflies worldwide.  The abundance of artificial light in the environment is confusing the nocturnal beetles, and can thereby impede…

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Announcing our Science Editorial Team!

Announcing our new Science Editorial Team!  I’m overjoyed at both the response to our call for science input as well as the team we have now as a result!

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Pagans Scapegoated Again, this time in the UK – by Starstuff, Contemplating

Pagans again blamed for something they didn’t do?  Say it ain’t so, Joe!

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The Gift of Winter, by Stardust, Contemplating

For many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are about to enter a wonderful season!  Winter is an incredible gift which we all too easily take for granted, or worse, complain about.

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