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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “Of Fathers and Daughters and Numbers and Stars” by Bart Everson

As a committed feminist and as a father of a young girl, I see Hypatia as an inspiring figure, a role model of sorts. True, we’ve come a long way since 5th century. And yet I’m aware that gender equity is hardly a done deal. The gains of recent history, such as they are, might be easily undone without continued vigilance, and moreover there are still plenty of serious challenges that must be confronted.

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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “Communities of mind are necessary but not sufficient” by Bart Everson

The growth of contemporary Paganism has been fueled by communities of mind, via books and websites, to the point that most American practitioners are solitary. This is unfortunate but perhaps inevitable. As a small religious movement, many will find themselves unable to connect with others on a regular basis for the simple practical reason that we lack numbers. Even so, we are all a part of larger communities, and we have much to offer.

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A Pedagogy of Gaia, by Bart Everson: “Wheel Without End”

The Purpose and Function of Holidays Many suppose that a holiday is simply time off work, similar to a vacation, an opportunity to rest and relax and engage in various recreational activities. This is certainly a workable definition but we…

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A Pedagogy of Gaia by Bart Everson: “The New Spooky”

Ever since I was a kid I’ve felt like a freak, a weirdo, an outsider — despite being born to an array of privileges which would seem to assure my status as an insider. Especially as a young adult I wanted…

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A Pedagogy of Gaia by Bart Everson: “The Other Equinox” (Part 2)

The Flower of Fall There’s a old bridge over Bayou St. John in New Orleans, made from wooden planks supported by a steel frame and now used only for foot traffic. A Vodou ceremony is performed here on St. John’s…

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