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Post Christian Sacred Spaces, by Renee Lehnen

So fellow Naturalistic Pagans, I ask: Could you see yourselves gathering in an old, repurposed church? Does anyone have any experience in trying such an experiment? I’m all ears.

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Jay Forrest interviews B. T. Newberg on Naturalistic Paganism

Hi everybody. I was just given an opportunity to raise awareness of our community on the podcast Spiritual Wisdom with Jay Forrest. Jay is a published author, experienced podcaster, ex-pastor, and certified Humanist minister and meditation instructor – in short,…

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“Humanistic Pagans at Pantheacon” by John Halstead

This year’s Pantheacon included “the Atheopagan ‘coming out party’ to the broader Pagan community”.

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“Are Humanistic Pagans building a temple in Iceland?” by John Halstead

We Humanistic Pagans may have kin in Iceland.

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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “Communities of mind are necessary but not sufficient” by Bart Everson

The growth of contemporary Paganism has been fueled by communities of mind, via books and websites, to the point that most American practitioners are solitary. This is unfortunate but perhaps inevitable. As a small religious movement, many will find themselves unable to connect with others on a regular basis for the simple practical reason that we lack numbers. Even so, we are all a part of larger communities, and we have much to offer.

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