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Pagan Atheists: Yes, we exist, by Stifyn Emrys

Carl Sagan, an agnostic who made a career of exploring – and marveling at – the wonders of the universe. His philosophy was that no concept of a creator or overseer could possibly match the awe-inspiring grandeur of nature itself. This is the way the Pagan atheist views the world, and the universe at large. It’s not some dry, clinical and bitter philosophy. It’s a vibrant, dynamic view of life and the environment that births and sustains it.

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Is Korea really the 5th most-atheist nation?

– by B. T. Newberg Music penetrates my apartment every Sunday from the church right outside it.  There is another just down the street, and a half dozen more visible from the rooftop.  Half my Korean co-teachers bow their heads…

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The impossibility of Atheism, by Bart Everson

I’ve identified myself as an atheist for many years, but now I’m reconsidering this label. It’s not that my worldview has changed. It’s a matter of intellectual honesty. I started rethinking this after reading an essay on Religion Dispatches in…

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